Tammany Utilities

Tammany Utilities

Welcome to the new Tammany Utilities webpage! We have made a lot of changes recently, with more to come. We now have links to our new Standard Operating Procedures for Tammany Utilities water and sewer systems, and fire hydrant maintenance. We also have a link listing all of the operator certifications held by Tammany Utilities staff.

For those customers on the Cross Gates and Meadow Lake water systems we have a new link where we post sample results for our two chloramine systems. Results for the week will be posted on the following Monday. If you have any questions regarding these results please call us at (985) 276-6400 and we will discuss them with you.

We have more changes in store for the near future so please keep watching for new updates.


Payment options

NOTE: If paying your bill online and your service has been disconnected or is subject to disconnection, please contact our office at (985) 276-6400 after your payment has been made and provide us with your confirmation number.


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