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The Department of Planning & Development - Engineering is responsible for the review and approval of subdivision development, commercial and residential permits, and compliance with federal and state stormwater and coastal regulations within unincorporated St. Tammany Parish. The review processes ensure that all new developments and permits are in compliance with current St. Tammany Parish Government Ordinances.

  • Our reviews include:
  • Subdivision Review
  • Drainage and storm water plans
  • Fill requirements
  • Water quality
  • Coastal zone management
  • Subsurface drainage
  • Driveway culverts
  • Traffic impact and flows
  • Site work
  • Ponds
  • Pools
  • Code violations

Our staff is comprised of licensed Professional Engineers, Engineer Intern, Certified Planner, Regulatory Manager, Subdivision Inspector, MS4 Administrator and Interim Coastal Zone Manager, Traffic Technician, and administrative support staff.

Frequently Referenced Documents:

Stormwater Agreement                                                      

Drainage and Flood Control Ordinances                                             

Subdivision Ordinances
Subdivision Approval Check Sheets
Act of Correction  
Culvert Requirements
Coastal Use Permit - Online Tool Directions
Coastal Use - Joint Permit Application  
MUTCD Standards
Pool Cross Section - Sample  

Wetlands Determination Request Form

Questions we can answer: Please call our offiCe at 985-809-7448
Is my property in a Critical Drainage Area or an Area of Special Concern?
Why do I need a Culvert Data Form, Fill Plan, or a Form Board Certification?
How much fill can I bring on to my property?
Who do I speak to regarding a drainage problem?
What are the Coastal Zone Management requirements for my property?  


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