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The Department of Permits is committed to protecting lives and ensuring safety of the residents and visitors, preserving the Parish's quality of life, and contributing to economic development. This is accomplished through adoption, implementation and enforcement of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.

Attention Builders: Procedural Changes for January 1, 2021

Procedural Changes Due to COVID‐19


Due to uncertainty of the COVID‐19 virus, St. Tammany Parish has decided to resume
inspections on a very limited basis. These inspections are limited to single family, multi family
and some commercial inspections. No inspections will be scheduled for accessory structures,
swimming pools or generators. There shall be no workers present while inspections are taking
place. Special inspections are suspended until further notice.

 Preliminary Drainage
 Plumbing Underground
 Foundations
 Open Wall to include all trades done as one inspection
 Electrical Service
 Final to include all trades done as one inspection
 Final Drainage
 Six Month Vacancy

All building permits can continue to be filed electronically at

To schedule inspections, call:

Permits How To:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on green Customer Portal button
  3. Click on green New Account button
  4. Read the notes concerning the phone number you wish you use for your account and click Next
  5. Complete the New Account Form and click Submit
  6. Click Done to return to the Customer Portal Homepage
Residential Permit Application Packet
Residential Mobile Home Application Packet (pdf)
Residential Swimming Pools Application Packet (pdf)
Homeowner/Builder Affidavit (pdf)
Residential Modular Home Affidavit (pdf)
Commercial Permit Application Packet (pdf)
Commercial Sign Plan Review Application Packet (pdf)
New Contractor Registration Form (pdf)
2021 Parish Contractor Renewal Form (pdf)
Mechanical Sub-Contractor Filings (pdf)
Plumbing Sub-Contractor Filings (pdf)
Electrical Sub-Contractor Filings (pdf)
Gas Sub-Contractor Filings (pdf)
Fee Schedule Sub-Contractor Filings (pdf)
Other Forms and Filings:
Solar Accessory Checklist (pdf)
Solar Roof Mounted Checklist (pdf)
Building Thermal Envelope Inspection (pdf)
Questions we can answer: Please call our office at 985-898-2574
How do I apply for a building permit? How much are building permit fees?
Can you tell me what inspections I have left?
How do I determine my Flood Zone? How do I obtain a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) to take my property out of a Flood Zone?
How do I go about getting an Electrical Connection Permit?
Why is my permit on hold for Coastal Use, Form Board Certification or Culvert Data Verification? (Contact 985-809-7448)


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