Water Quality Pond Project in Mandeville Area will Have Multiple Benefits

Water Quality Pond Project in Mandeville Area will Have Multiple Benefits

Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, announced today that the Bayou Chinchuba Water Quality Pond project in the Mandeville area, is now complete. The immediate benefits of this project are two-fold. Neighborhoods located downstream of this pond should see increased oxygen levels in Bayou Chinchuba, and increased storm water drainage capacity. Expected long-term benefits of this process include: the disintegration of waste products before they enter Bayou Chinchuba, resulting in higher oxygenation, which can result in a healthier ecosystem for native plants and animals to thrive. 

“This initiative, like most we undertake, was designed in-house by one of our own engineers and is multi-faceted; it has the benefit of increased water quality as well as added drainage capacity,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “It is also expected to have long-term, positive, ecological impacts. Future generations will one day thank us for taking the time to preserve our remarkable natural amenities.”

This project partially EPA Grant-Funded, was to design and build a water quality pond within the footprint of the existing detention pond in the Oak Island subdivision in the Mandeville area. Components of the project include: a drainage pipe from Bayou Chinchuba into the pond; the construction of a weir connecting the existing pond; excavation; construction of a wrap-around berm; installation of a  bubbler, or aerator within the pond including the electrical mechanism for operation; fencing and sod. The bubbler aerates water that flows into the water quality pond from Bayou Chinchuba, and as a result, the water sees an increase in oxygen levels when it flows back into the bayou. The pond is located south of Sharp Road and north of Oak Island Drive. The cost of the project was $486,573.


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