President Cooper Announces $48 Million Investment In Water & Sewer Infrastructure

Parish President Mike Cooper has announced a $48 million investment in water and sewer infrastructure in St. Tammany Parish, utilizing federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding allocated to the Parish and State.

The initiative, which includes three separate projects, is focused on creating resiliency, consolidating water systems and improving water quality.

“This allocation renews my commitment to ensuring that every citizen of St. Tammany Parish has safe drinking water and reliable water and sewer infrastructure,” said President Cooper. “Improving our strong quality of life is among my top priorities as Parish President and these initiatives will make a great impact on our citizens’ lives. These projects are the direct result of state, local and federal colleagues working together, and I am so thankful for those partnerships.”

The $20.2 million West St. Tammany Wastewater Consolidation project, which benefits 6,400 residents and businesses, will create seven new sewer lift stations, nearly five miles of new sewer force main, nine new generators for lift stations and remote monitoring technology. This project will eliminate eight existing wastewater treatment plants from neighborhoods. An interactive map for this project can be found here.

"As a member of the Water Sector Commission, I am fully committed to maximizing the impact of your tax dollars for the benefit of our community,” said state Sen. Patrick McMath. “My focus is on securing resources to ensure the continuation of critical projects that provide essential services such as access to clean drinking water and efficient water treatment systems. These services are fundamental obligations of any responsible government, and I extend my gratitude to our local leaders for their quick identification of the priority projects in St. Tammany Parish and I look forward to supporting the development of similar initiatives in the future."

Phase 2 of the East Slidell Regional Water Consolidation, which totals $20.4 million, includes two new elevated water towers, approximately eight miles of new water main, two generators and remote monitoring technology. The project impacts more than 10,000 citizens in the Cross Gates and River Oaks subdivisions, as well as S&J RV Park, Tammany Mobile Home Park and Trading Post 1. An interactive map for this initiative can be found here.

"I am so proud to have worked with my fellow St. Tammany Delegation members and Parish President Cooper in securing these vital Round 2 Water Sector Program grants. These grants, in addition to the Water Sector Program Round 1 grant for the East St. Tammany Regional Water Consolidation Phase 1, will provide a solution to the issues that the residents of eastern St. Tammany have had to endure for far too long," state Rep. Mary DuBuisson said.

The West St. Tammany Water System Improvements, which benefit more than 10,000 homeowners and corporate partners, in Faubourg Coquille, Bedico Creek and Madisonville Woods areas, includes a filtration system to improve water quality, a new water tower, system interconnects and more than five miles of water main. The $21.3 million project has been partly funded with $5 million from Water Sector Program (state ARPA funds), and $2.5 million in Parish ARPA funds. St. Tammany Parish Government is awaiting approval of the remaining funding from other state sources. An interactive map for this project can be found here.

In addition to providing new infrastructure and consolidation, the initiatives will provide secondary water sources, offer much needed storage capacity and fire protection and provide resiliency for significant weather events.

At a ceremonial press conference Tuesday, President Cooper personally thanked state Sen. Sharon Hewitt, state Sen. Patrick McMath, the entire Northshore legislative delegation and the St. Tammany Parish Council for their efforts in allocating the funding for these projects.

In 2022, St. Tammany Parish received $23 million for the Cross Gates Water System from Water Sector funding and the Parish match contribution. Several parts of this initiative, which includes two new water towers, new water main, a water well, two new permanent generators and remote monitoring technology, will begin construction this summer.


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