Preliminary Phone Number for St. Tammany Parish Flood Victims

If you have experienced flooding or damage to your home or property during the March Flood and need assistance, please call 985-898-2323. Call takers there will record your pertinent information, and keep it on record. St. Tammany Parish has not yet received a disaster declaration from FEMA, and therefore FEMA will reroute any calls placed directly to them, back through local government agencies.  When St. Tammany Parish receives a disaster declaration, we will release that information as well as the phone number to call FEMA directly.

St. Tammany Parish Government Relocating Emergency Operations to Towers Building in Slidell

St. Tammany Parish Government Officials will move Emergency Operations to the Towers Building in Slidell, in advance of the expected crest of the Pearl River to 21 feet late Monday. The executive staff, and the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, as well as several essential employees will relocate by noon today.

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, asked the residents of Pearl River to stay tuned to the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast of river levels in the coming days, and to be prepared to react to conditions that may arise. Parish officials continue to closely monitor the NWS forecasts as well.

Residents wishing to obtain sandbags can do so at the following locations until 7 p.m. tonight: St. Tammany Parish Public Works - Fritchie Barn, 63119 Louisiana 1090 in Pearl River; St. Tammany Parish Government- Building C, 21410 Koop Dr., Mandeville; St. Tammany Parish Public Works- Covington Barn, 1305 N. Florida St., Covington.

For more information on river stages, visit the National Weather Service River Forecast Center at:


St. Tammany Parish Officials Asking Residents of Pearl River to be Mindful of River Forecasts

The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting that the Pearl River will rise to 19 feet starting on Sunday, March 13, 2016, and it is predicted to crest on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, at 21 feet. The last time the river reached these stages was the flood of 1983. Officials at the NWS are predicting that impacts will be very different from what they were in 1983, because of the changes in the natural landscape as well as the natural changes in water flow. They are asking residents to be aware of the situation and be prepared to take action if necessary.

“The historical data we have is a very good tool, but in this case, the span of time between similar events has been over three decades,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “We are urging residents to be alert and stay tuned to what is happening with the Pearl River and to resist the urge to use the last event of this nature as a benchmark of what could occur now, as it may impact your property differently than it did in past events. We are asking that you be prepared to react to conditions that may arise.”

For more information on river stages, visit the National Weather Service River Forecast Center at:

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