St. Tammany Parish Council to Consider Millage Adjustments Without Increasing Taxes

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The St. Tammany Parish Council will hold a public hearing to consider rolling forward millage rates at its regular meeting on September 5, 2024 at 6 p.m.

A roll forward is when the millage rate is increased after reassessment from the adjusted maximum millage rate to a rate not in excess of the “prior year’s maximum.”  As long as the increased rate will not exceed the voter-approved maximum millage rate, millage increases (roll forward) do not require further voter approval.

The roll forward being considered would total .42 mills; however, the millage for the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office would be decreased by .42 mills, resulting in no additional cost to taxpayers. This is not a new tax and will not exceed the maximum millage rate previously approved by the voters.

The estimated amount of increased tax revenues to be collected in the next tax year for drainage, public safety and Animal Services is $1,215,251 as explained below. The decrease in Coroner’s office millage will decrease tax revenue by $1,303,355.

Property Tax Tax Revenue Tax Increase/Decrease
Alimony 1 (rural) 6,648,555 506,118
Alimony 2 (cities) 1,158,377 88,487
Drainage 5,244,451 403,419
Animal Shelter 3,103,226 217,226
  16,154,609 1,215,251
Coroner’s Office 7,602,903 (1,303,355)

General Alimony is critical to supporting the Parish General Fund, which is the only funding source for state-mandated costs of the public safety agencies.  The Animal Shelter millage is vital to support the life-saving efforts and to maintain the no-kill status for Animal Services. Drainage Maintenance is crucial to mitigating flood risk and providing investments to our drainage systems.

By increasing these millages while decreasing the Coroner’s millage, this action will result in no tax increase for the tax payers. St. Tammany Parish Government will continue to respond to our residents’ greatest needs in the most efficient manner, which includes transparent, appropriate use of tax dollars, and recognizing our citizens’ request for no new taxes.

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