Bike, Hike, Ride

Studies comparing exercise to physical and mental health consistently find that regular exercise has been proven to increase a person’s overall health and results in a longer life. Beneficial exercise does not need to involve a long, painful and boring workout. Even low- to moderate intensity walking can have both short- and long-term benefits.

BikingThe benefits of biking are endless. A 30+ minute round trip bicycle ride is associated with better mental health. Men and women who walk or bike frequently also have a lower risk of breast cancer. An aerobic exercise like bicycling can also have an antidepressant effect and boost energy. It also helps boost blood flow and oxygen to the brain, makes immune cells more active, tones muscles all over the body, and can help you live longer. Save your joints and hop on a bike to take advantage of a nice day in St. Tammany

HikingHiking is an excellent way to improve health and stay strong. Hiking can also decrease cholesterol levels, a common cause of heart disease. Improved moods, stamina, and cardiovascular health are some of the benefits of regular walking and hiking. It has also been known to help those who are pondering complex ideas and working through difficult problems. Minimal equipment is needed and it is a great way to get the family together. It is also a good opportunity to educate others on the unique plants and animals we have in St. Tammany. Take a hike on the Tammany Trace to expand your horizons and experience some peace and quiet in the outdoors.

RidingOne of the biggest psychological benefits of horse riding is increased self-confidence. Horses seem to naturally relieve stress for most people. For this reason, horse riding is a great activity to take part in if you’re looking to decrease stress levels. Horse riding can also increase your patience and focus. Just like with so many other animals, horses require a fair amount of patience. Horse riding develops skills that promote coordination such as timing, rhythm, balance, and core strength. The Tammany Trace is a good place to get practice muscle and body control while horse riding.
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