technology-1-250-x-250Information Technology

  • Provide electronic options for delivering and receiving information and services, increased efficiency in related operations, and increased data accuracy & accessibility.
  • Maintain a stable, secure and recoverable technical environment to assure the delivery of information & services to the community and to parish workers.
  • Provide adequate computer services & associated standards to support the business needs of the parish.

Geographic Information Systems

  • technology-3-250-x-250The GIS department provides maps and graphics by compiling & analyzing geographic data from a variety of sources including census, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs & existing archive maps & data.
  • In addition, the GIS department is responsible for continuously updating and verifying the GIS database to ensure the best possible data accuracy.


  • The Archive department plans & develops archival collections, including participation in the establishment & implementation of policies and standards for the archival goals.
  • technology-2-250-x-250Coordinates the acquisition, cataloging, maintenance & preservation of valuable material, and the disposition of inconsequential material. Analyzes and evaluates print and/or non-print materials to appraise value to posterity.
  • Advises and assists researchers in the application of archival materials in research activities, & recommends pertinent materials available in libraries, private collections, or other sources for inclusion in archives.